The client is a local entertainment startup called HypeNet. They are an online-exclusive entertainment company focused on creating content meant to motivate people. They already have a growing online presence through Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. HypeNet also uses a website that they post exclusive content on. They want to create their own positive-focused social media application to post their exclusive content and share it.
Roles & Responsibilities
- User Research (Competitive Analysis, User Surveys, User Interviews, Personas, Journey Maps, Storyboarding)
- Sketching & Initial Testing
- User Flows
- Information Architecture
- Interactive Wireframing
- Branding (Logo, Fonts, Mood Board)
- Interactive Prototyping
- Active User Testing

Business Requirements
- Ensure easy content delivery to app users.
- Lightweight, meant to be used to show episodes and shows unique to HypeNet.
- Easy to scale layout, allowing for near-future expansion.
- A basic comments section for individual videos, allowing the community to socialize. A user profile to allow followers.
- Cares about mobile and tablet layout over their web layout. Web layout can be a modified tablet layout.
To design a lightweight content delivery application specifically catered to HypeNet's audience. The application must reflect positivity and happiness. The design deadline is 11/30/2021, no immediate budget is set.
Taking into consideration the client's business requirements, my user surveys, user archetypes, and interview responses, it was clear that going for an extremely accessible approach is what we really needed. First and foremost, it was vital that the application is designed to feel welcoming, comforting, and familiar. Since HypeNet is an application people will go to for motivation, it is important to make the app feel as though it and of itself has a way to offer support. This application is very much so an emotional interaction, as it is physical. Users had to easily be able to find specific categories, save videos from those categories, and have access to it at a later point. This is specifically prevalent with workout videos and courses. Users also had to have an easy way to add friends and comment on videos. Full user upload is not implemented yet, but the app had to be designed in a way that allowed for easy future expansion.
Audience & Research
User Surveys
After my Competitive Analysis, and working through basic User Personas I conducted an online survey as an additional part of my research. During this phase, I collected 43 responses.
- Of these 43 surveyed, 30 (67%) were female and actively use some type of motivational application.
- 22 (51%) surveyed said that they were looking to find a new application to both maintain a workout or meditative habit.
- 38 (88%) surveyed said that they would consider using this application as an all-in-one replacement to other motivational applications.
Target Audience
Key Demographics
Age: 18 - 25
Gender: Female
Common Job Titles: Customer Service Rep, Content Managers, Marketing Students
Key Psychographics
Values: Kind, Generous, Humanitarian
Likes: Hike, Play Music, Paint / Draw, Hangout With Friends, Volunteer
Wants: Start A Business, Start A Non-profit, Become A Therapist
What's holding them back? Lack of support network.
Preferred Channels
Uses: Mobile, Laptop, Tablet
Browses: Instagram, TikTok, Reddit
Content: TV Shows, Shorts, Book
Sketches & Wireframes
User Testing Results (Final Prototype)
Branding & Style
Final Prototype
Onboard 1
Onboard 1
Onboard 2
Onboard 2
Onboard 3
Onboard 3
Main Login
Main Login
Sign In
Sign In
Sign Up
Sign Up
Final Thoughts & Review
Developing the UI for HypeNet was a fun yet challenging experience, requiring attention to detail for accessibility and an inviting theme. Overall this experience has taught me the importance of creating a welcoming and warm feeling application and the affects it has on the users. This application was also a prime example of the importance of User Testing and learning what the "average" user would see as an inviting and usable interface.

In the future, adding the ability to have active conversations on videos, live-streaming, and other input from outside sources should be added in order to increase the user-base and overall app potential.

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