I'm Curtis, a UX Designer on a mission. I'm an entrepreneur (I ran businesses before I could tie a tie) and passionate about the environment – hence GRIZIE, my hair & beard oil company that donates 50% of its profits to wildlife conservation. My ultimate goal? A non-profit bear sanctuary on my mountain property.

After training at MIT and Thinkful, I jumped headfirst into a career as a UX developer. Research, analytics, and design are my weapons of choice – I use them to create sleek, user-centered mobile and web experiences, from film projects to banking apps.

Off the clock? I'm a certified Wilderness Survival Master, a contracted musician, and a mechanic with a... let's say, 'fiery' learning curve. But most importantly, I live by the words of SkekTek from The Dark Crystal: "Every problem obfuscates a solution, only waiting to be discovered." That's my philosophy – if you need a creative problem-solver and aren't afraid of a little metaphorical heat, let's talk!
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