HV is a local software development team embarking on an ambitious project to refine and launch their innovative Artificial Intelligence Art Creation Tool, ARTemis. This powerful application is specifically designed to cater to Fantasy Creationists and professionals working in related fields, including Game Development, Story/Universe Creation, and more. The goal of ARTemis is to revolutionize the creative process by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to assist users in generating captivating and immersive art for their projects. HV aims to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that empowers Fantasy Creationists to bring their imaginative ideas to life effortlessly. Through meticulous development and careful attention to user needs, HV strives to deliver a powerful and intuitive solution that enhances the artistic journey of its users in the realm of fantasy creation.
Roles & Responsibilities
- User Research (Competitive Analysis, User Surveys, User Interviews, Personas, Journey Maps, Storyboarding)
- Sketching & Initial Testing
- User Flows
- Information Architecture
- Interactive Wireframing
- Branding (Logo, Fonts, Mood Board)
- Interactive Prototyping
- Active User Testing
Business Requirements
1. Develop a user-friendly and lightweight AI tool that seamlessly integrates with the art generation process. The tool should provide a simple and intuitive interface that keeps users informed about the ongoing creation process. Given the early stages of the bot, it is crucial to accommodate potential errors or slow load times while maintaining a high level of usability.

2. Implement functionality that enables users to choose from multiple options for the generated art, including saving the artwork, obtaining licenses for commercial use, or purchasing a printed version. The tool should provide a seamless flow for users to select their desired choice and facilitate the corresponding actions effectively.

3. Incorporate a feature that allows users to easily reference and access previously generated and saved artwork. The tool should provide a convenient and organized way for users to browse, search, and retrieve their previously created pieces, ensuring they can efficiently manage and utilize their art collection.
The current challenge is to create a user interface that aligns with the requirements of ARTemis, an AI art robot, in order to facilitate the development of intricate graphical scenes targeted towards fantasy creationists. The primary objectives are to design a lightweight and efficient interface that minimizes resource consumption and maximizes performance, while ensuring seamless usability for users engaging with the application. Additionally, the interface should provide a streamlined process for purchasing and utilizing the generated artwork within the fantasy creationist community.
ARTemis will be designed with a streamlined and intuitive interface, catering to professional users and eliminating unnecessary pages and prompts. A soft, dark color scheme will enhance visual comfort, allowing art styles and designs to take center stage during the creation process. Clear and self-explanatory options will enable users to license, save, and share artwork, with a re-generate feature facilitating quick iterations. The solution prioritizes efficiency, simplicity, and user-centric design, ensuring a captivating experience for fantasy creationists utilizing ARTemis.
Audience & Research
User Surveys
In addition to conducting a thorough Competitive Analysis and developing User Personas, I conducted an online survey to gather further insights. The survey received 30 responses, revealing valuable findings:

- Out of the 30 participants surveyed, 22 (73%) were involved in digital creation fields that utilize fantasy assets, highlighting the relevance of the ARTemis application to the target audience.

- Among the respondents, 17 (56%) expressed that they are relatively new to their digital creation careers and emphasized how having apps like ARTemis significantly enhances their inspiration and creative process.

- An overwhelming majority of 27 participants (90%) emphasized the importance of affordable and easily accessible licensing options for the generated artwork. This feedback emphasizes the need to incorporate seamless and cost-effective licensing features within the application, aligning with the users' expectations and requirements for future use of the artwork.
Target Audience
- Age range: 22 - 30
- Gender: Predominantly male
- Common Job Titles: Writer, Tattoo Artist, Game Developer

- Values: Intuition, Creativity
- Interests: Drawing, Gaming, Reading, Listening to Audiobooks
- Aspirations: Finishing school to become a game developer, becoming a digital artist

Preferred Channels:
- Device Usage: Mobile and computer
- Browsing Platforms: Reddit, Steam, Behance
- Preferred Content: Games, Fantasy Digital Books

Challenges and Preferences:
- Feeling overwhelmed by other apps offering excessive variety or high prices
Sketches & Wireframes
User Testing Results (Final Prototype)
Branding & Style
Final Prototype
Final Thoughts & Review
The journey of developing the UI for ARTemis has been an exhilarating and enriching experience. Witnessing the AI's artistic capabilities firsthand and curating the art selection for the application has been truly remarkable. The design challenges encountered during this process have honed my skills in optimizing screen space, resulting in a streamlined and efficient user flow that prioritizes a direct and seamless user experience.

Looking ahead, an exciting possibility for future enhancements would be to incorporate features that allow users to follow other profiles and enable team collaboration within the application. This would foster a sense of community and encourage creative collaboration among users, further enhancing the overall experience.

Overall, the opportunity to contribute to the development of ARTemis has been both gratifying and enlightening, and I am excited about the potential for continued growth and improvement in the future.

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